Crochet for Beginners: How I Learned Step by Step in Less than 7 Days!


Crochet for Beginners: How I Learned Step by Step in Less than 7 Days!

Crochet, a textile art form that has existed for centuries, is not only a traditional skill but also creative therapy and an exceptional way to create unique pieces.

If you are looking for an engaging activity that brings relaxation and satisfaction, crochet may be the answer.

Discover how this ancient technique can become your new passion, transforming your free time into moments of artistic expression.


A Creative Therapy for Wellbeing

Crochet goes beyond simply creating objects; It is a therapy for the mind and spirit.

By taking time to engage in patterns and textures, you disconnect from the stresses of everyday life, providing a space for your mind to relax and renew.


Repetition of movements when handling the needle and thread brings a feeling of calm, promoting emotional well-being.

The Satisfaction of Creating Unique Pieces

By diving into the world of crochet, you will have the opportunity to create truly unique pieces.

From small accessories to home decor pieces, each project reflects your personality and style.


The satisfaction of seeing something take shape under your hands is incomparable, and the joy of giving gifts or decorating your home with your own creations is priceless.

Connect with Tradition and Modernity

Crochet is a craft practice that reinvents itself with each generation. By learning this technique, you connect to a tradition rich in history, but you also have the freedom to reinterpret patterns and create contemporary designs.

This combination of tradition and modernity makes crochet a timeless form of artistic expression.

Save and Create Memorable Gifts

In addition to being therapeutic and creative, crochet can also be an economical way to give gifts to your loved ones.

Instead of buying traditional gifts, imagine giving a handmade item full of meaning and personal effort.

Lovingly made blankets, scarves and decorative items have an emotional value that transcends the material.

Share and Inspire Online Communities

Crochet is not just an individual journey; it’s an experience that can be shared with passionate online communities.

Social networks and forums dedicated to crochet offer inspiration, tips and a space to showcase your creations.

Exchanging ideas and connecting with other enthusiasts makes the crochet journey even more enriching.

Crochet is not just a craft skill, but a creative journey that transforms your free time into moments of fulfillment and self-expression.

By learning this art, you not only create enchanting pieces but also find therapy for the mind and soul.

Connect with tradition, innovate in the present and share your achievements with a global community of enthusiasts.

Discover the enchanting world of crochet and turn your spare time into a journey of self-discovery and creation.


When you sign up for the course you will have access to more than 1000 crochet charts!

Stylish Blankets:

Super comfortable, beautiful and profitable, it’s just one of the most successful featured pieces.

Crochet Sousplats

In addition to being beautiful, they are very functional and much loved by housewives as a decorative item.

Table Rails:

With several color options, it is a great option for a piece to make into a beautiful decoration, along with flower vases, or something of your choice.

Wonderful Bags:

Crochet bags have become high-value fashion items, even more so because they have a variety of models and sizes to suit all tastes and budgets.

Bathroom Games​:

The bathroom sets are beautiful and make a great appearance in the bathrooms. These bathroom sets certainly add extra charm whenever they are present.

Beautiful Rugs:

Just like bathroom sets, rugs bring a lot of charm to the environment, and in the case of rugs, you can use them anywhere in your home.

Blouses & Shirts:

Stylish, soft, colorful or not, this is a wonderful and comfortable fashion item that is very cozy…

Crochet Pillows:

Comfortable and decorative, the cushions become great pieces for their beauty and functionality, bringing much more comfort and with many color options to combine.

Baby Shoes:

They are beautiful and comfortable, they are a beautiful and memorable gift option, we also have other collections of children’s clothing and accessories.


Beautiful tablecloths full of lace and details that make it look wonderful, it is also a piece that customers really want.

Crochet Flowers:

Crochet flowers are beautiful decorations, they come in different shapes and models and can be used in any way you prefer.

Bikinis & Beachwear:

Wonderful bikinis and other beachwear pieces will make you stand out, many women go after these types of pieces, and without a doubt it is fashionable.

What is the Step by Step Crochet Course?
The Step by Step Crochet Course is an incredible Crochet Course for Beginners. Thousands of women and even men are making money through the art of Crochet.

Leave Crochet as a hobby, and start making a lot of profits. No more lack of money and unemployment.

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The material for the Step by Step Crochet Course that we provide is VIDEO CLASSES and E-BOOKS (digital book), RECIPES (Models to be copied) GRAPHICS (templates for the pieces) we will send you a link to download the material for the your email upon payment confirmation.

Please be clear that we will not send anything to your home.

There’s no problem at all, several step-by-step handouts for beginners to learn all the tricks and become a professional in this profession. This course mainly focuses on teaching Crochet for Beginners.

Benefits of the Step by Step Crochet Course:
You will receive many video classes available to you, with classes from basic to advanced with every step by step for you as a beginner to learn how to crochet!

More than 1000 Charts available. Most Varied Models Among them cushions, bags, flowers, Sousplat, tablecloth, amigurumis, table runner, bathroom set, baby shoes, rug, hats, dresses and much more. All this for you to have a great diversity of models!

Handbooks with all the step-by-step instructions – for you as a beginner to learn all the techniques and become a professional in this profession.

Table with the meaning of symbols – Points manual For you to understand the meaning of each symbol.

An economic view of the Crochet sales business – You will understand that there are a huge number of opportunities to start earning your extra income or main income by crocheting.

High Profit Margin – All pieces are made with little use of wool, and can have a very large profit margin on each product.

Guaranteed Return on Investment – In the first month of sales of your work, you already get all the investment you made in our course.

Product Pricing Spreadsheet – A Spreadsheet to calculate the exact cost of your crochets and make a profit at the time of sale.

E-book Learn How to Calculate the Value of Your Product or Service. Here you will learn how to sell your product for a fair price and how to value your work.

Accessibility on different platforms – You will be able to access the course whenever you want and from wherever you want. You will be able to access it via cell phone, computer or tablet.

7 day guarantee – If for any reason you don’t like this course, think it’s not for you, NO PROBLEM! Simply request a refund and your money will be returned.

The ART OF CROCHET course has step-by-step video lessons, ranging from basic to advanced, even those who have never picked up a crochet needle will learn how to make beautiful pieces.

-We have support group

-Sweepstakes for students

-Booklet with more than 1000 Charts and Recipes

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